DIY Design Help

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If full design services are far more than you need, and you’re looking for just a bit of direction to set you on the right track, DIY design help might be ideal for you. 

This service is great for the person who is comfortable with style and is handy around the house, but would like a professional opinion as guidance. You gain the confidence that will send you off in the right direction.

An affordable alternative to Interior Design, we help you do your own decorating with the guidance of a designer. We offer expert advice and ideas for redecorating, remodeling, selecting paint colors, choosing new home finishes and fixtures, and staging for resale.

What you get is a lot of information specific to your project, such as furniture layout and retail sourcing suggestions, and thoughts on window coverings, paint colors, artwork, lighting, floors, rugs etc. You can then reach out to your designer throughout the project who is on call to answer questions along the way.

These design meetings is intensive, and you should be ready to take notes. Think of it as a chance to toss ideas around and get professional input before you paint that piece of antique furniture, or start taking down walls.

  • One-on-One tips on DIY projects, furniture hacks, choosing colors, furniture layout, artwork, etc.
  • Designer tips and tricks to help save you money
  • Worksheets on each of the decorating topics 
  • Curated list of craftsmen, contractors, and retailers

We offer additional home renovation consulting services beyond layout plans and 3D home design renderings. Since each project can vary, we can provide consulting that is tailored to your needs. If you’re a DIY client or someone who has never gone through a home renovation, we can provide as much as you need to move forward with any remodeling project.